"Precision Machining Solutions"

4 Axis

4 axis wire EDM machining is the process of uniformly linking different top and bottom profiles on a workpiece.

Applications include:

  • Aerospace parts
  • Turbine blades
  • Slides in mold bases
  • Angled ejector pin or core pin slots
  • Extrusion dies
  • Varying tapered die reliefs
  • Tapered key slots
  • Custom parts feeder funnels (example: square to round hole)

Creative Machining Concepts has experience with all of these examples. We have the personnel, wire EDM machines and CAM software to accomplish these tasks. Our DP Technologies Espirit CAM software has the ability to recognize solid model features and convert them into 4 and 5-axis wire EDM code. It even compensates for the minor inaccuracies caused by the elliptical cross section of the tapered wire! This results in the most accurate profiles possible on your workpieces.