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Fineblanking Components

Fineblank tooling is unique in it’s construction when compared to conventional stamping tooling. Fineblank clearances are usually about .5% of material thickness per side; whereas, conventional stamping clearance is around 10% per side. Because of the close punch to die clearance and the extreme pressures inherent in the process, fineblanking components must be provided with very close tolerances among all components.

Here at Creative Machining Concepts we have the machine tools, personnel, experience, and know-how to provide these highly accurate details. Our wire EDM machines are continually monitored for accuracy and routinely laser compensated to keep these units in optimum operating condition. We routinely manufacture fineblank components with less than .0005" clearance between punch and die, and even closer fitting clearance between the punch and stinger, or die and counterpunch.

Additionally, all of our wire EDM machines are submersible resulting in less recast, which decreases edge chipping. This combined with special heat treat processes can greatly increase the service life of your fineblank tooling.