"Precision Machining Solutions"

Large Capacity Wire EDM

Creative Machining Concepts has large workpiece wire EDM capacity. Our largest wire EDM can accommodate a workpiece size up to 52" X 41" X 18" fully submerged, and has a maximum weight capacity of 4400#. The machine travels are 30" X 20" X 18" and we can cut tapers up to 45 degrees. This machine has .000004" resolution linear glass scales for consistent, dependable accuracy. All of these factors allow us to cut large mold bases with tapered sides for slides, or we can cut dowel holes precisely on location in large die shoes to make die assembly a snap.

Additionally, we have another machine with an 18" Z-axis height and linear glass scales, with a slightly smaller workpiece capacity. All of our six submersible wire EDM machines operate in a clean, temperature controlled environment and are regularly maintained and laser calibrated for maximum accuracy. All these machines have automatic wire threading capability for unattended, multi-cavity jobs. We can remotely monitor the machines around the clock to expedite completion of your large workpieces.

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified.