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Metal Stamping Components

The remanufacture of replacement stamping die components is an every day occurrence at Creative Machining Concepts. Whether we make new components from your supplied CAD data or prints, or reverse engineer your broken or worn out detail, we can handle the job.

With our CNC machining centers, CNC lathe, wire EDM's and grinders, we can make your component complete from start to finish, or we can do just the wire EDM work. We handle parts in all sizes, from small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, to large enough to fit in the back of your truck.

Wire EDM is the perfect tool for the manufacture of stamping die components. It has the ability to accurately cut intricate details, sharp corners and tapered die relief, all with a finish that is close to a grinder's. This is especially useful for involute gear spline details used in clutch plate dies. We can also wire EDM the dowel holes in the same set-up as the other wire EDM work, holding a very precise relationship between the two.

Wire EDM also can be an excellent alternative to form grinding. Intricate forms can be wire EDM'ed more precisely and with a finish similar to conventional grinding techniques. All this can be done after the material is heat treated, which eliminates distortion caused by the heat treating process.

Please contact Creative Machining Concepts for your replacement metal stamping die components.