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We have an impressive facility with manufacturing equipment suitable for any job. We are experts in our field and pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service to our clients.

Wire EDM

Creative Machining Concepts, Inc. specializes in precision Wire EDM with an emphasis on quick turnaround and customer satisfaction at a reasonable price.

We have experience with:

  • Aerospace parts
  • Automotive parts
  • Motorsports parts
  • Mold bases, lifter pocket, and other components
  • Stamping die components
  • Fineblanking components
  • Stacks of tryout sheet metal blanks
  • Prototype parts
  • 4-axis machined parts
  • Small to medium lot production runs

We have five submersible Mitsubishi Wire EDM machines. All of our machines are laser calibrated on a regular basis and are in a clean, climate-controlled environment, this enables us to hold tolerances to .0002″

Our wire EDM capabilities are:

  • Machine travels up to 20″ X 30″ X 18″
  • Workpiece dimensions up to 40″ X 50″ X 18″
  • Maximum workpiece weight is 4400#
  • Tapers up to 45 degrees

Whether you need precision wire EDM work done on a nearly complete project, a new component reverse engineered and completely remade, or anything in between, Creative Machining Concepts can handle the job.

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Fineblank Tooling

Fineblank tooling is unique in its construction when compared to conventional stamping tooling. Fineblank clearances are usually about .5% of material thickness per side; whereas, conventional stamping clearance is around 10% per side. Because of the close punch to die clearance and the extreme pressures inherent in the process, fineblanking components must be provided with very close tolerances among all components.

Here at Creative Machining Concepts we have the machine tools, personnel, experience, and know-how to provide these highly accurate details. Our wire EDM machines are continually monitored for accuracy and routinely laser compensated to keep these units in optimum operating condition. We routinely manufacture fineblank components with less than .0005″ clearance between punch and die, and even closer fitting clearance between the punch and stinger, or die and counterpunch.

Additionally, all of our wire EDM machines are submersible resulting in less recast, which decreases edge chipping. This combined with special heat treat processes can greatly increase the service life of your fineblank tooling.

Whether you need a tool built new or just sharpening and maintaining, we service all aspects of fineblank tooling.

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Plastic Injection Molds

As with metal stamping dies, plastic injection molds are a popular and effective manufacturing tool. Similarly, we offer full-service plastic injection mold support. From design and build to replacement details, repairs, and ongoing maintenance we are a one-stop-shop for all of your various plastic injection molding needs. Whether it be a single cavity MUD unit tool or complex multi-cavity tools, we are ready for your project.

We are well experienced with:

  • Hot runners
  • Unscrewing molds
  • Slides and lifters
  • Collapsible cores

Please contact Creative Machining Concepts for all of your metal stamping die needs.

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Metal Stamping Dies

Metal Stamping Dies are where we shine. From the design and build to the millionth hit, we have you covered. We are a full-service tool and die provider and warranty all of our new builds. Even if we didn’t build it, we are happy to maintain it.

The remanufacture of replacement stamping die components are an everyday occurrence at Creative Machining Concepts. Whether we make new components from your supplied CAD data or prints, or reverse engineer your broken or worn out detail, we can handle the job.

With our CNC machining centers, CNC lathe, wire EDM’s and grinders, we can make your component complete from start to finish, or we can do just the wire EDM work. We handle parts in all sizes, from small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, to large enough to fit in the back of your truck.

We are well experienced with:
Single hit stage tooling
Compound dies
Roll form pre-notch die
Roll form flying cut-off die
Progressive die, including with automated punch gagging and side action cams

Please contact Creative Machining Concepts for all of your metal stamping die needs.

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CNC Machining

By utilizing our modern CNC milling and CNC turning capabilities, we can get your job done more effectively. We have the ability to import most CAD file formats, so we can take your CAD files and create programs for your parts using our CAD / Cam interface.

We machine most types of materials. From single parts to limited run production, we combine traditional machining, CNC machining, and Wire EDM to save time, and in some cases, save material.

– CNC Turning
Our Romi M series Combination Lathe with a GE/Fanuc 21i-T CNC control with Guidance Software features technological advancements for ease of programming. It has a 17″ swing and 40″ between centers.

It is especially suited for our work base. Intricate profiling, threading, and hard turning are done routinely at our facility. We can quickly and accurately manufacture your prototypes, tool components, machine components, and small lot production runs.

Our CNC turning capacity is complemented by a heavy-duty manual gap bed lathe. It has a swing over the bed of 18″, 24″ through the gap, and a 50″ length between centers.

– CNC Milling
We have three Hurco machining centers with 24-station tool changers. Travels up to 42″ X 24″ X 24″. We can handle a wide variety of parts such as Tool components, Mold components, Machine components, Prototypes, Jigs, Fixtures, Gages, Hard milled components, Wood models, Graphite Electrodes, and more.

We utilize Surfcam CAD / CAM software and are fully capable and experienced at programming and machining complex 3D surfacing and solid model profiles.

Our Hurco machining centers are complemented with CNC and manual knee mills, grinders, and drill presses to fully service the needs of our customers.

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Additional Tooling

Although metal stamping dies and plastic injection molds cover a lot of ground in the manufacturing industry, sometimes a different type of tool is necessary to get the job done. Let us help you navigate your options.

We have experience with:

  • Compression molds
  • End of arm tooling
  • Automation tooling
  • RF Weld tooling
  • Components for special machines

Creative Machining Concepts looks forward to discussing your upcoming project.

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Primary Services

At Creative Machining Concepts, service is important to us.

  • Designing and building of stamping dies and plastic injection molds
  • Sharpening, repairing, and modifying of stamping dies and plastic injection molds
  • Reverse Engineering and remaking of worn out or broken components
  • Manufacturing or replacement of spare components
  • Prototype machining
  • Manufacturing of made-to-order customer-specified machine parts
  • Manufacturing and assembling of fixtures, gages, and stamping dies
  • Surface grinding on our Clausing 12″ X 36″ automatic wet grinder
  • Small hole drilling and broken tap or drill removing
  • 4-Axis Wire EDM programming or 3-Axis surface programming from your CAD files on our CAD / CAM workstations

Occasionally a project may exceed our abilities in either physical size or timeline. Thankfully, we associate with a tight network of high-quality providers to either work with or refer you to directly, so don’t hesitate to reach out.